How old are they?

Chris: born April 30, 1971
Todd: born February 13, 1972
Richard: born February 25, 1973
Matt: born January 10, 1978
Brad: born September 27, 1978


Where are they from?

Escatawpa, Mississippi, USA. It's a small town with only about 4000 people living there.

How did they get their name '3 Doors Down'?

Most of them have been doing music for a long time, Brad started banging pots and pans as a toddler! About 5 years ago,after one of Todd Harrell's bands broke up, he joined up with Brad Arnold and Matt Roberts. When they started their first gigs, they played songs by Metallica, Bush and a couple of originals, with Brad being both the singer and drummer of the band. In 1998 one of Todd's earlier band members, Chris Henderson, was asked to join the band. After playing local clubs for years, they finally got noticed when a local radio station started getting hundreds of phonecalls from people about their song 'Kryptonite' and after that everything went pretty fast! They got signed up by Universal/Republic records and they recorded their debut album 'The Better Life', which was released on February 8, 2000 and has since gone 4x platinum! Finally, Richard Liles was added, so Brad could step out to become the band's front man!



Brad's fiancÚ is called Terika Roberts and she works at McRae's, a department store. She personally pierced his navel for him!


When Brad told his father that it was his voice on the CD, his father responded "Go tell your mamma. She might believe you." The old man hadn't heard his son sing one word before the band's first CD was released.


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