Once upon a time....
there were 3 boys who lived in a tiny little town called Escatawpa, in Mississippi. Their names were Brad, Matt and Todd and they loved to play rock music. Brad was a drummer and he even wrote songs in his algebra class! Matt played the guiter and Todd the bass guitar. One day they decided to start a band of their own with Brad as their singer. They played at parties and in clubs. At first they played songs by bands like Metallica, Bush etc…but soon they started playing their own songs. As they came out of a building during a road trip in Alabama, they saw that some of the letters had fallen of the front and it said 'Doors Down'. Because there were 3 of them, they thought 3 Doors Down would be a cool name for their band! After a couple of years with just the 3 of them, they wanted to strengthen the band's music and sound by adding a second guitar player. They decided to ask one of Todd's earlier band members, Chris, to join the band.


Chris said yes and so the 3 became 4. Because no record company had signed them yet, they decided to record their own album in 1998. It had 10 really great songs on it and they sold it at concerts. They got more and more fans, and their shows got bigger, numbering more than 2,000 per show.
Then a really great thing happened;  radio station WCPR in Biloxi, MS, started getting hundred's of phone calls for 3DD's song Kryptonite. Some major record labels now started calling and after a showcase at CBGB's in New York City, they were signed by Republic/Universal Records!
They then recorded their debut album, which was produced and mixed by people who had worked with other really famous bands. It was called The Better Life and was released in 2000. They also released Kryptonite as a single and it became a huge hit and was # 1 on several charts!. And the 4 became 5 when they asked drummer Richard to join the band. 


Now Brad could become the band's front man. They started touring the US again, doing show after show as they got bigger and bigger. Kryptonite also became a hit in Europe and so they toured Europe twice in the fall, which made all their fans over there really happy. By December 2000, The Better Life had gone 4 times platinum in the US which made the boys really happy! And now there's a new tour coming up, they're nominated for several awards and the band is bigger than they had ever dreamed of…and they rocked happily ever after!

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